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After nearly 30 years in the financial industry in the US (mostly California and New Mexico), I decided it was time for my second life. I sold my house, sold my car, sold all my furniture, took a TEFL course and moved to Budapest to teach Business English to the business people of Hungary. Amazing mid-life change! I taught for about eight years, then pretty much retired. Since then I have traveled extensively, and have been to nearly 75 countries. I have had six books published, mostly about my travels - see my author's page on I have made friends all over the world. Becoming an expat is the best move I ever made and I plan to continue my travels indefinitely. Come join me on this blog and enjoy the places I've been and the people I've met in the past and present and hopefully will meet in the future.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Update Budapest:

Hi Gary-Bloggers -- found my Blogspot, hah? If you scratch it just right, my right leg will lift up and begin to shake rapidly up and down, up and down........aaaaahhh, just like that. Thanks. News from Budapest: The Danube is in full flood. It has risen nearly nine meters (9.3 yards, to you Americans), and has flooded out part of the riverside tram lines, as well as put the entire road system next to the Danube underwater. Experts say it will get worse over the next few weeks! All of the embankment dinner boats have their access ramps underwater, and the river has now risen to within a couple of feet of the top of the levy. We are not amused. Good news is, we are not as bad off as Prague and Vienna and Bratislava, and several parts of Germany.

Party season still in full swing. Did a great wine-tasting at one of our 5-star hotels last week - good food, okay wine. But got to spend some time with my Bud Sandor, piano-player extraordinnaire, sitting around the piano listening to the oldies. Also attended one of the Spring Festival concerts - Irish/Hungarian music night. A strange but compelling combination.

Re: My new books. You can find Bankers' Hours on and Third book, Summers' Time, is only available in bulk on the net. But I have copies I will send you - personally autographed by the author while in a mostly sober state. Shipping from Hungary ain't cheap, so, to cover the original cost of the book (to me) and shipping, please send me US20 in a plain brown envelope. But be warned - this one is a real departure for me - I wrote it just to see if I could and how it would turn out.

Busy teaching as always for the nonce, but am off to Brussels and Paris for Easter weekend. More on that when I get back. Meanwhile, y'all hang in there. Write some comments. Re: TerriLeeBernadine - see above explanation for Blog site. Sorry - misread the instructions. You can all find me on:, or, and look up my name. OK, group, all for now - everyone take care and watch this space for more fun as the adventure continues.




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